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SoloDallas The Schaffer Replica (TSR) Classic with 9-15v adapter

SoloDallas The Schaffer Replica (TSR) Classic with 9-15v adapter

Comes with The Gig Rig El Paso 9-15v dc adapter.


The Schaffer Replica (TSR) "Classic" is the original pedal version of The Schaffer Replica "Gold Tag" Tower, predecessor to the perfected EX Tower. This companding boost is housed in a rugged enclosure that perfectly complements the vintage audio mojo inside. The TSR features much of the same 100% analog signal path as our EX Tower that has quite literally rocked the guitar industry. It perfectly captures our signature “Schaffer Sound” voicing and offers three interactive circuits capable of generating a plethora of tones for every guitar configuration and genre of music. The 12vDC-15vDC powered TSR "Classic" pedal offers slightly stronger midrange than the 9vDC Storm, which some SoloDallas users have come to prefer. This rugged two knob unit is over-engineered to withstand the rigors of heavy gigging.

For enquiries or to purchase call us on 0413 615 759 or email us at

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