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In 2002, after decades of experience being a musician, managing music retail stores, owning two of Australia's leading music academies, and travelling the world as a guitar technician for many of Australia's biggest bands, I founded Guitar Garage. I reckon I've learnt a thing or two about people and guitars so far! In founding Guitar Garage I decided to use my talents and experience to help my customers get their hands on the right guitar for them.

The range of guitars I stock are hand selected by me. I literally choose them one-by-one. I like to think you can expect to find some pretty good quality guitars on show at Guitar Garage! Finding guitars that put smiles on dials is a concept I'm very passionate about. I'm no stranger to restringing or tweaking a guitar to make sure my customers are confident they're walking out the door with the equipment that fits the bill.


I cater to all skill levels - beginner through to pros. Make sure you swing by sometime!

“Making a difference one guitar at a time.”



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