​How Do I Place An Order?


Please call us on 0413 615 759 if you are wanting to purchase any particular item.


Can I have my guitar shipped out to me?


Yes! We can arrange shipping via couriers Australia wide. Most guitars are $65 to ship. Please contact us for a quote.


How much will it cost to repair my guitar?


It is always difficult to say. A full-service ranges from $120 - $160. The best way is to bring your guitar in to assess what needs done.

Are there music rehearsal rooms at Guitar Garage?

Yes there are! We have two fully equipped rooms for all your rehearsal needs. Equipment includes drum kits, bass amps, guitar amps, mics, mixer, PA and fallbacks. For bookings and more info head to www.talonmusic.com.au

Can we record our music at Guitar Garage?

Yes! We have a recording studio set up for live recordings. Get in touch to find out more!