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Greco Les Paul Custom - MIK - 1980’s - White

Greco Les Paul Custom - MIK - 1980’s - White

A modified 80’s MIK Greco Les Paul Custom.


Pre-owned by a true guitar geek, this has been kitted out with a 70’s Dimarzio bridge humbucker and some custom writing alterations have been added (see photos).


The all-gold hardware seems to be original, although the tuners may have been replaced.


Neck pickup seems to be an original Maxon, the bridge pickup has been replaced with a Dimarzio Vintage humbucker.


This tricked up LP has also had a refret, and it plays really well with a super straight neck and great action.


This guitar has been well played. The hardware is worn and the body shows some playing wear plus buckle dents in the back.


Weight: 3.6kg, great weight for a Les Paul Custom.


This may not be a Japanese Greco but it sounds incredible and plays just as well if not better than many of the highly sought after Japanese Greco’s we have come across.


Comes in a gig bag.


At Guitar Garage our focus is to refurbish and restore all guitars to the highest standard. Low action and playability is important to us. Our philosophy is "A guitar that plays well, sells well".

Shipping available. For enquiries or to purchase call us on 0413 615 759 or email us at


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