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CO-2 Optical Compressor

CO-2 Optical Compressor

There are a few revered compressors used in studios. Many of these are the old valve (vacuum tube) units that used an optical element for the compression. These compressors were easy to dial in, and no matter what setting you put the controls at, they never sounded bad, interesting, but never bad.

We here at Mozztronics set ourselves the task of taking the essence of these old vacuum tube compressors, and coming up with a solid state circuit that captured how these old compressors sounded. We had to use an optical element for the compression, the compressor had to be useful for both guitar and bass, and we had to be different from what is already on the market

We think we did it (yay) !


We considered the units with only a few controls, and in the end decided to go with the full range of compressor controls (don’t worry, this is very easy to dial in).

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