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2022 Tokai Love Rock - LS 148 (Violin Finish)

2022 Tokai Love Rock - LS 148 (Violin Finish)

- Made in Japan
- Year of manufacture - 2022

- Condition: Brand New

This Tokai Love Rock LS 148 is brand new.
This guitar is one of the first edition models made by Tokai under their new ownership in 2022/2023.
Made in Hamamatsu factory Japan under the watchful eye of Tokai's top luthiers, the LS series uses high-grade woods and showcases superb craftsmanship.
A fierce rival for its LP counterpart, this Tokai Love Rock offers outstanding design innovation and at a super competitive price.
Featured here in an eye-catching polyurethane Violin Finish, this one is very easy on the eyes.
The traditional tonewood combination of a carved flamed maple cap and a solid mahogany body issues a warm, rich and defined tone with plenty of low end snap and punch.
One of the best guitars to come onto the market in recent years, the Love Rock LS 148 spares no expense and is a quality instrument.
Professionally set-up. Nice, low easy action, giving it superb playability.

Comes in factory-issue Tokai branded deluxe gig-bag.

For enquiries or to purchase call us on 0413 615 759 or email us at

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