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1996 Gibson J-160 E - 1964 Reissue - Yamano Order

1996 Gibson J-160 E - 1964 Reissue - Yamano Order

- Country of manufacture: USA

- Year of manufacture - 1996

- Condition: Very Good


Such an amazing piece here. This J-160E was a special order made for Gibson's legendary Japanese distributor Yamano in 1996. 
Made in Bozeman, Montana, USA, it is an all-original piece. This replica of the 1950's original is hand-built with all the advantages of solid wood construction, hand-tuned bracing and an ultra quiet single coil pickup.
Popularised by groups such as the Beatles in the 1960's and seen in the hands of many legendary artists of the 1990s through to today.
Professionally set-up, it is playing beautifully. Nice, easy action. Superb playability.
One of the most unique stage and studio acoustic-electrics out there.  
Bordering on the vintage side now, this guitar will only appreciate over time.

Weight: 2.4 kgs.

Fully bound soft-shoulder body. Solid Sitka Spruce top in a Vintage Sunburst with a gloss finish. Tortoise shell pickguard. Solid mahogany back and sides. Bound rosewood fretboard with trapezoid Mother of Pearl inlays. Zero fretware. Rosewood bridge. Vintage tuners and vintage gold volume and tone knobs. Gibson crown inlaid headstock. Nickel hardware. Just an amazing design.

Specially designed stacked single coil pickup. The tone produced is reminiscent of all the sweet tones of groups like the Beatles throughout the years. Sounds amazing plugged in. Ultra quiet electronics.

Condition wise its in great condition for a mid-90s piece. There is a one split in the side, middle-top should as seen in photos which has been professionally repaired. Completely solid, but slightly visible. Other than that a few light scratches and blemishes on the top, back and sides. All of what you'd expect from a mid-90s vintage acoustic. Nothing affecting any playability. 

This is a special pieces and deserves a good owner.

Comes in original hardshell case.

For enquiries or to purchase call us on 0413 615 759 or email us at

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