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JD-2 Thunder Drive

JD-2 Thunder Drive

Want something a bit different to the diode clipping overdrives. The Mozztronics JD-2 Thunder Drive is the answer. The JFET is a type of transistor that operates in a similar way to a vacuum tube

This is the Big Brother to the JD-1 jfet drive pedal.

We use multiple JFET transistors to accurately simulate an entire low wattage amp. There are no diodes in the audio signal path, and no diode clipping in this unit, just nice JFET compressive dirt and overdrive.

We also included a 3 band EQ to dial in your tone. The mids have sweepable frequency to its easy to nail those great mids, or enhance feedback squeaks and squeals.

But that’s not all, we included a cabsim circuit, able to be switched in & out with the CAB switch.

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