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GD-1 Green Drive "Bonebreaker"

GD-1 Green Drive "Bonebreaker"

Many people regard the “Green Screamer” pedal as a holy grail. Sure SRV used them, but they were heavily modified, and he ran them almost clean, to push his amp (there i said it).

There are many variants of this green screamer pedal around, and i didn’t just want to make a clone, so many people do that already, the world doesn’t need another one. Some manufacturers add one part to this standard pedal, call it a different name, and sell it as a different product. What a crock, I’m not about doing that sort of thing.

But, i thought, why not combine all these variants into one “toolbox” type of pedal…

So this is the Mozztronics take on this style of pedal. We included 5 different clipping modes as standard. We also beefed up the tone control giving it a wider range, and added a “BODY” control to dial in the midrange perfectly.

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