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DL-30 Driveline

DL-30 Driveline

There are a few iconic valve guitar amps that we at Mozztronics adore. Apart from the British 800 series amps, the other is a British 60’s amp used by the Beatles and Brian May (and many others). We have used the Top Boost channel as a basis for our solid state foot-switchable pedal, which we have named the “DriveLine”. DL are also the initials of a well known Melbourne musician this pedal was developed in honour of. This pedal is not a dirt pedal as such, it’s our emulation of this classic amp.

To do full justice to the original amp, and to get the maximum in tone versatility we included the full 2 knob tone stack and the Tone CUT in this pedal. A single tone control wasn’t going to cut it with this pedal.

GAIN controls the amount of gain from the first stage, BASS and TREBLE are the classic 2 knob tone stack and CUT is the tone cut circuit as found in the original amp. VOLUME adjusts the overall volume out of the pedal.

As with the amplifier this pedal replicates, at lower gain settings, you get the sparkle and touch of grit the amps are known and loved for. Turn the gain up for added rawkus-ness.

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