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BP-2 Bass Preamp

BP-2 Bass Preamp

Inspired by the “Classic” Valve Bass Amps of yesteryear, we replicated the valve circuit in solid state with op-amps. We tweaked and optimised the tone stack so you can get a wide range of sounds. We kept the inductor based mids control, which has five switchable frequency bands, to get as close as possible to the sound of the amplifiers you know and love. This unit is 100% analogue in the signal path. No digital simulations here.

There are two main uses for the Mozztronics Bass Preamp BP-2. The first is on a pedal board to add in a preset eq, or leave it on all the time to add extra tone capacity to your existing amplifier. The second is for home recording so you can get a great bass sound without mincing up an amp.

Controls are exactly what you will expect to find. The main preamp controls are GAIN, BASS, MID, MID (frequency) switchable between five different frequencies, TREBLE, and VOLUME. We also have kept the ULTRA LOW and ULTRA HIGH tone contour switches. For best results start with VOLUME fully clockwise and adjust GAIN up to the desired level.

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