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BB-1 Big Boost

BB-1 Big Boost

A boost pedal is often the last thing to be added to a pedal board, but never underestimate what it can do. It can drive long cables without treble loss, it can slam the front end of a valve amp for serious dirt, and it can go ahead of a distortion box to kick the distortion up a notch or three.

We looked at what was around, and decided there was room for a boost pedal, but it had to…  a) get full boost from a standard 9V power supply without an internal switch mode supply or charge pump power supply to boost the internal voltage    b) not require 18V power    c) have an inbuilt always on buffer so as to reduce loading on the guitar and drive long cables without tone loss   d) give more than 20dB of boost    e) be clean even at or close to maximum boost.

We think we did it !

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