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Fender Stratocaster CST-50M (ST72-55) - MIJ - 1986 - Natural

Fender Stratocaster CST-50M (ST72-55) - MIJ - 1986 - Natural

1986 Fender Stratocaster CST-50M in a Natural finish is reminiscent of Fender's 70's legacy, combining traditional design with the distinctive characteristics that have made the 70's Stratocaster a cool favourite among guitarists for decades.


This one is in great condition with its natural finish highlighting the beauty of the wood grain.


Featuring an ash body, maple neck/fretboard, large headstock, gotoh tuners, 3ply scratch plate and a 5 way switch.


The middle pickup seems original and the neck and bridge are DiMarzio HS-3's. A new nut has also been fitted. 


All around in great condition with zero fretware. Some blemishes on the fretboard at the 2nd fret position. Scuffs on the back of the neck (pictured).


Weight: 3.57kgs


Comes with gig-bag.


At Guitar Garage our focus is to refurbish and restore all guitars to the highest standard. Low action and playability is important to us. Our philosophy is "A guitar that plays well, sells well".

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