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Fender Precision Bass PB62-US - MIJ - 2004-2005 - Three Tone Sunburst

Fender Precision Bass PB62-US - MIJ - 2004-2005 - Three Tone Sunburst

The ‘US’ series of early 2000’s Japanese Precisions such as this one were uniquely made from upgraded parts and materials.


The body is made from alder instead of basswood and also features a vintage spiral bridge and an upgraded pickup. The neck is maple, with a rosewood fretboard and next to no fret wear. The three-ply tortoise scratchplate is a nice compliment. A thumb-rest, for better or worse appears to have been added to the scratchplate, then moved to sit above it. A screw has been used to fill the vacant hole in the scratchplate.


The ‘P-Vintage U.S.A.’ pickup is a unique feature of the Japanese ‘US’ series and has a premium vintage tone. It is controlled via 1x tone and 1x volume dials.


This bass is in overall immaculate condition. Other than the thumb-rest the bass is completely original and in perfect working order, even maintaining the original ‘Vintage U.S.A. pickup’ sticker on the backplate. It is completely free of dents or major scratches.


Weight: 4kg.


This bass has been professionally set up to play with a low action and minimal fret buzz.


Comes in a gig bag.


At Guitar Garage our focus is to refurbish and restore all guitars to the highest standard. Low action and playability is important to us. Our philosophy is "A guitar that plays well, sells well".


For enquiries or to purchase call us on 0413 615 759 or email us at

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