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Fender PB70-70US - 2002 - CIJ

Fender PB70-70US - 2002 - CIJ

Vintage Excellence: Fender PB70-70US (2002, Crafted in Japan)


Step into the world of timeless craftsmanship with the Fender PB70-70US, a true gem crafted in Japan in the year 2002. This Precision Bass embodies the heritage and precision that Fender is renowned for, offering a blend of vintage aesthetics and modern reliability.


This one is in great condition and features an alder body, maple neck with large headstock and aged finish. An Excellent rosewood board with large jumbo frets. All rounded up by a lovely olympic white finish.


Chrome hardware, 3ply black scratch plate, 4-saddle bridge and vintage-style tuners.


The heart of this instrument lies in its powerful Fender USA P-Bass Vintage split-coil pickup. It sounds simply unbelievable, and is way above average with an awesome deep punch and note definition that really sets it apart from the rest.


Plays exceptionally well with a nice smooth action, this bass has been fully serviced and setup.


This bass is in great condition with almost zero fretware. Finish has discoloured due to stickers over the years, the finish shows a lot less age where the stickers have been on the front and back of the body to be honest it just adds to its appeal. Bridge saddles appear to have been replaced, other than that all original. 


This really is a cut above the rest, the amazing playability and sound really takes this bass to the next level.


Weight: 3.92kgs.


Comes in hard case.


At Guitar Garage our focus is to refurbish and restore all guitars to the highest standard. Low action and playability is important to us. Our philosophy is "A guitar that plays well, sells well".

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