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AC-1 Acti-Clamp Drive

AC-1 Acti-Clamp Drive

This is NOT your normal diode clipping overdrive. We used an active clamp circuit (a standard building block in industrial signal conditioning electronics) and adapted it to a guitar drive pedal. We added on an active Bandaxall Bass & Treble control to perfectly dial in the eq.

GAIN controls the amount of gain from the first stage, this goes from clean to a nice drive from the first stage, BASS and TREBLE are an active bandaxall eq circuit. These controls offer cut when turned anticlockwise from center & boost when turned clockwise from center. VOLUME adjusts the overall volume out of the pedal.

Clamp adjusts the active clamp control voltage, clockwise is a high voltage (like an LED) and anticlockwise is a low voltage (like a shottky diode), the CLAMP control is like having a full range of clipping diodes in one unit, easily adjustable with a single control.

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