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2010s Orange TT15H Tiny Terror 7/15-Watt Guitar Amp Head

2010s Orange TT15H Tiny Terror 7/15-Watt Guitar Amp Head

Working Condition: Perfect
Cosmetic Condition: Very Good
Weight: 5.6 kgs
Shipping available
Comes in original Orange soft case.

Dubbed "The Lunchbox Amplifier" this pocket-rock has been often imitated, but never equalled.Heralded by Guitarist Magazine as ‘the most important guitar product in the last 30 years‘, the iconic Tiny Terror turned the guitar world upside down upon its launch. This is the original ‘lunchbox’ amp head, and continues to set the standard by which all other low wattage valve amplifiers must be judged.

Ultra-portable with an outstanding array of valve tones, Tiny Terror head delivers an exceptional range of British valve tones made possible by a single channel with just three controls. A unique preamp section and gain structure goes from clean/bluesy crunch to Punk and Classic Rock, all controllable by your guitar’s volume knob.

The intuitive tone circuit acts as a roll off for the upper frequencies whilst always retaining the character of the instrument, even when driving the amp to its absolute limits. Whilst the philosophy behind the Terror series began with the gigging musician on the move, their huge sonic range, supreme usability and switchable output options has made them the ‘go-to’ amps for studio engineers and producers alike.

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